Cloud Workspace ® Suite

Standardize. Simplify. Support.

Combine application, end-user and infrastructure management for Windows® workloads into a seamless, easy-to-manage platform with a unified management interface and robust API for ease of integration with existing systems, simplifying deployment and controlling data center cost.


Provision on Public, Private and Hybrid Clouds

Single or Multi-Tenant Deployment

Manage Resources, Applications, and Users

Flexible REST API and Reporting

Demand Driven VM Scaling and Sizing

Software Defined Data Center

The software defined data center (SDDC) forms the hosting core of IndependenceIT’s solution. SDDCs are quickly and easily deployed on any hypervisor or within any public cloud. Once deployed this self contained virtualization management platform is connected to the IndependenceIT Global Services Platform.

Define Domains and Service Names

Deploy Software Defined Data Center

Select Deployment Targets, Hypervisors or Public Clouds

Determine Tenancy Model Single or Multi

Synchronize Accounts

Server Workload

A general server workload is quickly and easily created for any customer organization with a few simple clicks of the mouse within the administrative interface. The REST API makes automating this task even easier and workflow triggers extend functional integration to an unlimited variety of third party tools and interfaces.

Select Client or Create new Client

Select Server Provisioning Template

Automated Server Build

Manage Connection Rules

Deploy Workload


Creating an AppService is simple using a pre-defined workflow that directs the IT Admin through a series of steps to define the service, select storage and application options, assign an initial pool of users, and launch the service. Single AppServices, or AppService collections can be defined and deployed in minutes. An AppService delivers applications and data to multiple customers using a common, cost effective set of virtual servers

Select SDDC

Select Server Type(s)

Select/Install Applications

Select Organizations/Users

Cloud Workspace®

Cloud Workspace® represents a “LAN in the Cloud” for an organization. They consist of application and data servers, installed or published applications, corporate data, users, access policies and user entitlements. Workspaces are created in minutes following a simple wizard driven interface which collects the necessary information, and launches an automated creation engine. Weeks of administrative work is compressed into minutes of configuration time with a completely automated deployment.

Select Organization

Select Applications

Import, Create, or Select Users

Manage User Entitlements

Resource Scheduling

Schedule service times on a per-customer basis

Cost containment for public cloud

Shut systems down when not in use — re-activate pre-defined on a schedule

Live Server Scaling

Intelligent automated scaling of server resources/active servers

Tightly manage server resources with dynamic increase/decrease while user load changes

Automatically scale server resources up and down as workload varies

Automated Server Cloning

Automatically increase server unit count availability as defined user count grows

This adds additional servers to the available resource pool

No need to manually build servers to anticipate consumption

Combined with Live Server scaling capability to create a fully automated solution

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Control Costs. Simplify Management. Expand Margin.

Solutions for IT Service Providers
Control Costs. Simplify Management. Expand Margin.
Solutions for IT Service Providers
Control Costs. Simplify Management. Expand Margin.
Solutions for IT Service Providers
Control Costs. Simplify Management. Expand Margin.